About Us

Vehicle, Fuel and Environment Research Institute (VFERI) was founded in March 2003 in order to pave the way to know-how development and research evolution accomplishment in considered disciplines related to vehicles design and engineering emphasizing on utilized energy optimization with environmental concerns.

Our Goals

VFERI has grown up in its way up to now with the aim of research, development and suggesting new policy in the field of vehicle, fuel consumption optimization and emission reduction with environment considerations. Bringing unique experts with updated and high-tech infrastructures together in about 11 years, has introduced this institute as one of the leading research centers in the fields of vehicle, engine, fuel and environment. The major goals of VFERI are as follow:

1. To establish theoretical and experimental infrastructure for research and development in automotive industry considering environment and fuel consumption issues

2. To provide expert human resources in related areas to vehicle, fuel and environment.

3. Advanced technology development in related issues

4. To develop and suggest new policies and solutions in order to reduce fuel consumption considering environment limitations

VFERI has established a spinoff knowledge base company in April 2010 named MANA. This company covers the goals along VFERI’s commercialization and innovation objects. VFERI’s innovative and knowledgebase products have been commercialized in MANA Company. VFERI and MANA Company are located in the same place at university of Tehran.

Our Team


Hassan Nehzati Paghaleh

Head of Vehicle Research Group/Research Scientist

Ahmad Dargi

Project Control Manager

Araz Saleki

Senior Researcher

Naser Sina

Research Scientist

Reza Mousavi

Research Scientist

Ramin Najimi

Senior Researcher

Mohammad Javad Esfandyari

Research Scientist

Mohammad Farahi

Senior Researcher

Amin Salehi

Research Scientist

Saman Rezazade

Senior Researcher


kamran Mahootchi Saeed

Financial Appraisal Manager/Research Scientist

Ali Shateri

Executive Manager


Ali Salavati-Zadeh

Head of Energy Research Group/Research Scientist

Ali Akbar Shahbazi

Senior Research Scientist


Amin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari

Director of IC Engine Laboratory/Engine Group

Amir Hossein Nojehdehi

IC Engine Research Engineer

Sadegh Karimi

Research Scientist

Amir Soleimani

Senior Researcher

Amirhosein Zamanpour

Manufacturing Engineer

Our Student Groups

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