Energy Research Group

The world energy crisis, increasing trend of world population and energy demand and the growing challenge of shortcoming in fossil fuels reservoirs has made sustainable development issues in energy and environment as an important consideration in trading, transportation and all industry sectors. To this end and to satisfy the related regulatory agenda, employing new technologies and renewable or alternative energy resources seems promising choices. It is also pivotal to train researchers and scientists with considerable experience to design, develop and optimize different energy systems.

Therefore and considering the Iranian cultural condition and domestic structure, along with its access to large energy carrier reservoirs, the energy sector of the VFERI aims to pave the way to achieve the above mentioned goals by accomplishment of several energy-related scientific projects and training experts in this area.

On the other hand and regarding the crucial effects of fossil fuels combustion on environment, the energy research group has also brought many related research areas under consideration, including:

  • Increasing Fossil Fuels Quality
  • Combustion Process Simulation and Optimization
  • Alternative Fossil Fuels, especially CNG, Utilization

The latter seems to be of great importance. Iran uses about 1.6 billion of oil equivalent energy per year, of which natural gas shares 1.132 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Iran's marketed natural gas production is about 180 billion cubic meters annually. Meanwhile, natural gas shares about 70 percent of the Iran's total energy consumption basket, while about 3 million vehicles in Iran consumes CNG, the most in the world.






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