Environment Research Group

The environment research group of VFERI has carried out several problems and projects by combining environmental science with engineering, economic, geophysics and meteorology.

Today, the mega cities like Tehran are facing the severe crisis of environmental and air pollution as an undesirable consequence of technology. Considering the geographical layout of these cities the polluted air misses the possibility of ventilation due to different phenomenon such as inversion, and increases the risks for environmental and human health and mortality. It is therefore crucial to decrease the pollution level.

The internal combustion engines role is pivotal in this regard. Therefore, VFERI with its modern and reliable engine labs and test beds, has can magnificently take part in analyzing the pollution level emitted from engines and vehicles.

Our Mission:

Reduction of:

  • Maintenance and operation cost
  • Energy consumption
  • Pollutants and GHG formation

Our Services and Products:

  • MANA.PEMS: Monitoring gaseous emission online
  • Thermography: Pave the way for saving energy






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