Metallography Lab

Metallography Lab
Group: Internal Combustion Engine

Metallurgical testing and analysis can be a valuable source of information to any industry working with metals. Laboratory Testing's metallography experts can examine samples to:

·         Detect surface and internal flaws

·         Determine microstructural features

·         Evaluate heat treatments

·         Assure conformance to required specifications

The metallurgical laboratory at VFERI, also performs root cause failure analysis when performance issues occur with metal products.


The first step in metallurgical testing is test sample preparation. Samples are prepared in our metallurgical lab using precision cutting, mounting, grinding and polishing techniques, as well as etching when required. Metallurgical testing results can be documented using digital imaging microscopes with optical magnification capabilities from 7X to 1000X.



  •        Precision Cutting
  •        1.5″ & 2″ Mounts
  •        Thermoset & Thermoplastic Mounting
  •        Cold Mounting
  •        Automatic and Hand Grinding & Polishing
  •        Immersion, Swab & Electrolytic Etching



  •        Microstructure
  •        Carburization & Decarburization
  •        Grain Size (ASTM E112)
  •        Inclusion Rating (ASTM E45)
  •        Plating/Coating Thickness
  •        Carbide Precipitation
  •        Ferrite by Point Count (ASTM E562)
  •        Intergranular Attack & Oxidation
  •        Intergranular Corrosion (ASTM A262)
  •        Sensitization
  •        Nodularity, Nodule Count

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